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Whether you need help with your puppy’s training, want to learn about their development, or just need to bake them something special, our blog is the place to go! We update our blog regularly so that you have what you need to give your furry companions the best life possible.

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10 Best Dog Breeds for Children

Expanding your family by adding a puppy can be a great opportunity to teach your children about responsibility. Dogs offer unconditional love, and the long-term commitment can benefit kids of all ages. In this blog, you’ll learn the best dog breeds for children.   BICHON FRISE The Bichon Frise is a small sized, French purebred dog […]

bichon frise
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
golden retriever

Top 10 Dog Breeds for Beginners

Raising your first puppy is the experience of a lifetime. First time puppy owners do well with highly trainable and laid-back breeds that act gentle and patient. Petland Cleveland has put together the best dog breeds for beginners. The purebred breeds you’ll learn about in this article are the easiest to train and the most docile […]

Bernenese Mountain Dog
bichon frise
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
golden retriever
Great Dane
Labrador Retriever
Yorkshire Terrier

Puppy Playtime Ideas for Autumn

Puppies need two forms of exercise. They need to exert energy with physical exercise, and they also need to be intellectually challenged with mental exercise. That’s where puppy playtime comes in! But what are puppy playtime ideas for autumn all about? Mind games! Amazingly, when a dog engages with a mentally stimulating game for 10 minutes, […]

brain games for puppies
puppy games

Puppy Halloween Safety Tips

You’ve come to the right place for puppy Halloween safety tips! When it comes to the funnest holidays, you really can’t beat Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the spooky decorations, haunted houses, and ghosts both real and imagined can make the night a great fright! If you’re a new puppy parent, not all great frights […]

puppy safety

Dog Breeds that are Most Compatible with Each Other

What’s better than one puppy? The answer is definitely two puppies! Did you know some dog breeds are compatible with each other, while some breeds do not get along?  Whether you’re interested in getting two puppies at once or adding a new puppy to your one-dog household. This article contains the very best dog breed […]

bichon frise
golden retriever
Labrador Retriever
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Summer Activities for Your New Puppy

The dog days of summer are upon us! New puppy parents might like to know some dog-friendly activities they can do to bond with their puppies. Petland Cleveland has put together a list of fun and safe summertime puppy activities! Use these ideas to help you and your new fur baby beat the heat and […]


How to Keep Your Puppy Safe and Happy When You Work Full Time

Not everyone is in a position to become a stay-at-home pet parent. But it should still be a priority to keep your puppy safe while you’re gone. Whether you’re a single person. Or part of a large family with busy schedules. The fact of the matter is, you’re probably going to have to leave your […]

crate training
puppy proofing

Where Do Our Puppies Come From?

At Petland Cleveland, we believe that transparency is the best policy. When it comes to answering the question, where do Petland puppies come from? we respond with the facts. You might notice it can be tricky to find out about the breeders that pet store work with. Avoiding pet retailers that work with puppy mills is […]

ethical dog breeding
puppy mills

Tips for Bringing Your First Puppy Home

Congratulations! You’re about to bring your first puppy home! You’re probably bursting with excitement, and you might even be overwhelmed. That’s natural. You want everything to go well when you bring your brand-new furry friend home, and so do we! The more you prepare for your puppy’s arrival, the less stress you’ll experience during those […]

crate training
puppy proofing

How to Prep Your Home for a New Puppy

You just brought your first puppy home and you’re thrilled to embark on this new relationship! You want your puppy to grow into a healthy, happy dog. And you may have noticed that your excited furry friend is eager to please you! As eager as he seems, it will take time for him to know […]

first puppy
puppy proofing

Kick Off the New Year with a New Puppy

Happy New Year! Wow, can you believe it’s 2023? We can’t! But we’re glad the New Year is here! If your New Year resolution had anything to do with showering a cute puppy with unconditional love for the next 10 – 15 years, then you’ve come to the right blog! Read on to find out how to […]

puppy training

Are You Ready for a New Puppy?

Who can resist a puppy? Puppies are adorable! Just looking at their smiling faces and wagging tails can uplift your spirits! Bringing a new furry friend home is one of the greatest joys in life! Raising a dog, however, comes with its ups and downs. And caring for a dog long-term is a substantial commitment […]

new puppy checklist

Fun Winter Activities for Your Puppy

Winter is officially here! The temperature has dropped. It’s dark in the late afternoon. And snowfall is part of the landscape. There’s no reason to keep your new puppy cooped up at home for the next three months just because it’s cold and snowy outside. Winter can be an exciting time for your puppy! Here are […]

pet safety tips
puppy activities
puppy games

Best Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

There’s no pet on earth quite like a dog. Dogs are loyal, sensitive, eager, intelligent, and humble. They each have a distinct personality. Some are serious while others are goofballs.  Though environmental factors can influence a puppy’s personality as it forms, the greatest indicator of temperaments and innate characteristics is the breed.  Interestingly, all dogs […]

best breeds
cocker spaniel
family dogs
golden retriever