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Whether you need help with your puppy’s training, want to learn about their development, or just need to bake them something special, our blog is the place to go! We update our blog regularly so that you have what you need to give your furry companions the best life possible.

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Puppy Playtime Ideas for Autumn

Puppies need two forms of exercise. They need to exert energy with physical exercise, and they also need to be intellectually challenged with mental exercise. That’s where puppy playtime comes in! But what are puppy playtime ideas for autumn all about? Mind games! Amazingly, when a dog engages with a mentally stimulating game for 10 minutes, […]

brain games for puppies
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5 Brain Games To Help Make Your Puppy Smarter

Your puppy is smarter than any other puppy you’ve ever met. Like a four-legged Einstein, your little buddy knows every command you taught them like the back of their paw. They figure out puzzles faster than you can say “fetch”. And they always use those adorable brown eyes to get what they want from you. […]

brain games for puppies
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