At Petland Cleveland, we believe in equipping every owner with the knowledge and resources they need to give their puppy the best care, from puppyhood to their senior years. Check out the perks and extras you’ll get when you take home a puppy from our Parma or Strongsville location.


  • Our Puppies Health Comes First!
  • Our beautiful puppies are raised by the Top U.S.D.A. approved breeders across the nation.
  • Our licensed vet from Rolling Hills Animal Hospital provides Petland puppies with TWO COMPLIMENTARY vet visits.
  • Our puppies come with a health certificate that shows their up-to-date vaccinations, deworming preventatives, and other health evaluations.
  • Every Petland puppy receives $50 Off Spay/Neuter with our licensed veterinarians.
  • We give an exclusive 5-Year Health Warranty for hereditary and congenital disorders to every Petland puppy.
  • Petland puppies are placed under our Puppy for a Lifetime program. This ensures that you will always have a Petland puppy by your side. For more information, ask one of our pet counselors.
  • A licensed veterinarian comes to evaluate our puppies at our store twice a week.
  • All of our puppies go home with a full 1lb bag of Health Extension’s Dog Food as well as Health Extension’s Probiotic, Calming Aid, and Multivitamin.


  • Every puppy goes to its new home with a microchip enrolled with AKC Cart and Help Me Find My Pet (Amber Alert).
  • Most of our breeds receive a three-generation pedigree.
  • Our puppies are socialized with young children, adults, and other dogs.

Puppy for a Lifetime

To Qualify

Health Extension Dog Food, Health Extension Vitamins, and one supplement of your choice must be fed to your puppy for its entire life. Other supplements include Health Extension Joint Mobility, Nutridrops, or Healthy Skin and Coat. You must purchase these supplements once every 90 days from the Petland location you bought your puppy in. You can buy these items at a Petland store or have them shipped to your home.


Petland Cleveland will provide you with a store credit towards the purchase of another puppy at the time of your pet’s passing. A letter from an accredited veterinarian must be provided. This program can be used towards a new puppy only and does not cover medications or surgeries of any kind. Petland Cleveland is not responsible for any medical bills related to your pets passing.

When your pet’s passes away, Petland Cleveland will give you store credit for the purchase of another Petland puppy at either our Parma or Strongsville location. For this to apply, you must provide a letter from a licensed veterinarian. You can only use this store credit and program towards the purchase of another puppy and does not cover any medications, medical services, or procedures. Petland Cleveland isn’t responsible for any veterinary expenses with your pet’s passing.

Petland Cleveland firmly believes in Health Extension’s Dog food and supplements. As long as you keep your new furry friend under Petland’s Puppy for a Lifetime Program, we will ensure you ALWAYS have a cuddly puppy by your side. Any store credit given will be equal to the price of original purchase and may only be used to buy another puppy.

*If Health Extension does not provide sufficient nutrition for your puppy, our products can be replaced with ones that match the quality of the Health Extension’s brand. Make sure that you purchase this food brand at our Petland store locations so that your puppy remains under our Puppy for a Lifetime Program. Health Extension’s supplements must still be given to your puppy.